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About Clique53

The seed of Clique53 was planted late 2013, just a bunch of regular guys from Mansfield. The main two in the early days were James (63 Beetle) and Kev (VoodooPaintworx). They created the name Clique53, because at the time they felt that car clubs/groups/crews where all a little too ‘cliquey’ at times, so it was just a way to poke a little fun at the whole car scene, and why 53, maybe just a Herbie conection!

It really started to grow in 2014. That was when James met Aki, they started to discuss where Clique53 could go. An Instagram account and a Facebook page was created and it slowly grew from there. There are many different cars associated with Clique53, not just VWs, we have BMWs, Audis, Porsches, even some JDM cars. We don’t much care about what you drive, we’re just here to have a good time.

That was a turning point for Clique53, talks of going to more meets/shows the coming season of 2014. During a meet organized by the Mansfield Notts Capri Club called Wonderland (not just Capri’s but hundreds of other classics in attendance) with a few Clique53 cars lined up, ideas began to flow, and as talks progressed, there was no intention of Clique53 being what it is now


We gained a small following, no real promotion, some sharing on Facebook, a load of hashtags on Instagram!, and a few Instagram giveaways, which are fantastic, some great prizes have been won by followers, join us on Instagram/Facebook and look out for the next one! Various trophies have been won at shows thus far, at VWFestival, Edition38, FittedUK, Fueled Society, Ultimate Dubs,  DubFreeze to name a few, we are not trophy hunters, but always nice to be recognised!

For the past few years, VW Festival have tasked us with the organisation of their ‘Aircooled Display; for the show, a little taste below

We have a very relaxed atmosphere, for example, anyone is welcome, any up and coming events, a simple post/shout out, and who ever signs up (depending of event space) can be with Clique53 be it aircooled or watercooled!

So, forward to today, where are Clique53 right now?

Nothing has really changed but we are obviously a little more well known now. 

Looking into near future, we see ourselves more of a brand than a car club, although nothing will really change much but we will expand more into the branding of Clique53

Hope to see many of you very soon.

Clique53 2017

Special thanks to all who have helped us along our journey…

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